<div style=<strong><b>EXTRAS</b></strong></div>Need 300 unique background actors for your shoot next Tuesday? Our established channels allow us to procure a large number of experienced, reliable extras in a short amount of time.
<div style=<strong><b>REALITY TV TALENT</b></strong></div>Whether you need a game show contestant or the star of your next reality show, we’ll find the most dynamic and memorable characters for your episode or series.
<div style=<strong><b>REAL PEOPLE</b></strong></div>Would your commercial be more effective if you used “real people” instead of actors? We’ll find the people that can speak truthfully about your product with passion and raw emotion.
<div style=<strong><b>ACTORS</b></strong></div>From major commercial campaigns to scripted TV and digital series, we will audition and select the talent that can bring your script to life.
<div style=<strong><b>DOCUMENTARY SUBJECTS</b></strong></div>Looking for a subject matter expert, eyewitness, or someone with an incredible story for your documentary film? Our international reach allows us to pinpoint subjects from across the globe.
<div style=<strong><b>HOSTS</b></strong></div>The right host can make a series shine. We’ll package the most charismatic and engaging personalities that will connect with your target demographic.
<div style=<strong><b>INFLUENCERS</b></strong></div>When chosen wisely, an influencer can significantly elevate branded content. We’ll research and secure the top social media talent that best aligns with your brand.
<div style=<strong><b>CELEBRITIES</b></strong></div>Think a celebrity attachment would give your show a boost? We’ll work with agents and managers to package your project with top talent from across the industry.