Dr. Pimple Popper

TLC’s Dr. Pimple Popper starring Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper); a renowned board-certified dermatologist, is looking for individuals that are in need of her help! Do you have a lipoma or cyst? Are you suffering from severe blackheads or acne? Do you have a large growth or undiagnosed skin condition that is negatively affecting you? We want to hear your story and possibly have Dr. Lee help change your life! Email us your contact info, a photo of you and your problem area and short description of how this has affected you.


Supernanny is back on Lifetime! Parenting in today’s world isn’t what it used to be. With the advent of video games, computers, and social media all within arms length of every child, modern-day parents face a new set of issues! If navigating this new parenting world is turning your house upside down, apply today for a chance to work with renowned expert, Jo Frost. Nanny Jo is looking to infuse her decades of wisdom into homes nationwide and tackle some of the toughest situations. If you are struggling to control screen time, as well as other parenting issues, apply today! Send us a brief description of the issues you are facing, as well as a family picture, your email address, and best contact phone number. *Must be U.S. resident.


Dogs” is the poetically poignant International documentary series on Netflix showing the love between human and dog. Do you have or know of an amazing dog/human bond story? Are you about to go on an amazing journey with your 4-legged friend? Will you be adopting or getting a puppy soon? If you want to share an amazing dog story with us, please email us with your best contact info. so we can discuss this more with you.


Are you obsessed with investigating and understanding the paranormal? Is this your career or a hobby you are extremely passionate about? If this sounds like you, we are casting for a major cable network series and would love to see if you would be a great fit!


We are currently casting couples in all stages of their relationship for an amazing International documentary series on love. Whether you just had an amazing first few dates or have been married for 15 years, we want to hear about your relationship. This series will also be tackling couples who are separated or contemplating divorce to show how love ebs and flows. If you would like more information, email us about your relationship, a photo and the best contact info.

Outdoor adventurers

Casting outdoor adventurers, mountaineers, rock climbers, endurance athlete and more for a new documentary series. We will be deep diving into the lives of people who feel a special connection with the outdoors and seek adventure through their exploration of our planet. Please email us about yourself, a photo and the best contact info to learn more.

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